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#Bananas on socks—that’s just silly.” Seriously, life would be so poopshit without you. From nonsensical inside jokes, to random outings, tournaments, and study seshes—I couldn’t have asked for any other by my side. Thank you for all the great memories and hilarious photo ops. I love you, @fairbrox. Happy birthday, daddy.







I’m bringing this back from the depths of hell

forever my fav

I’ll have what she’s having.

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Happy birthday to my main squirrel friend, @brycevb, AKA Bryshia, AKA Britney Queers. Here’s to many more years as besties—we’ll one day fulfill or dream and lifelong destiny of becoming skanky and shady golden gurls doing weekly Sunday brunch in big tacky hats. I love our phone calls, miss our random adventures, and can’t ever forget any of our alcohol-induced slumber parties. I can’t wait until our next reunion! I love you, gurr.

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